A unique adapter that will turn your wheelchair into a true off-road vehicle!


Additional drive for a mechanical wheelchair.

It can be supplied adjusted for quadriplegics in a version tailored for the specific customer.
Universal attachment for most types of wheelchairs.

fifth wheel

Everybody knows the saying: “You are as useful as a fifth wheel on a chariot.”
However, this does not apply when you want to take your wheelchair and ride it off road – in such cases, a fifth wheel is almost indispensable.

full drive

A unique union of two adapters that will allow you to travel through otherwise impassable landscape.


We are two engineers and passionate design engineers. We created our first bike frame in 2011 and in 2014 we started specializing exclusively in developing and manufacturing adapters for wheelchairs. Our prototypes are built in our small prototype workshop. After several prototypes have been developed, welded and tested, we contract the manufacture of small series of frames to several Czech companies. The subsequent assembly is carried out at our assembly workshop in Prague, where you can have a look at our products and try them out.


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Ing. Pavel Novák
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